C.5 Contents of the messages

03.663GPPStage 2Support of GSM Mobile Number Portability (MNP)TS

This clause contains detailed description of the messages shown in this part B of the specification.

C.5.1 Send Routeing Info

The contents of this message are specified in GSM 03.18 [4].

C.5.2 Send Routeing Info ack

The contents of this message are specified in GSM 03.18 [4]. In the case that the message is sent from the NPLR to the GMSC, the following MNP specific information is defined.

Information element name





The IMSI returned by an NPLR is a generic IMSI, i.e. it is not tied necessarily to the Subscriber. MCC and MNC values in this IMSI shall point to the Subscription Network of the B Subscriber



When returned from the NPLR, this parameter contains a Routeing Number that points to Subscription Network. If concatenate addressing is used, it also contains the MSISDN in addition to the Routeing Number. In the case of a number which is not known to be ported, the Routeing Number may be omitted as an operator option. If the routeing number is omitted, this parameter contains only the MSISDN.



MSISDN of the B subscriber. This information element shall be present if MSRN contains the routing number to reach the subscription network for B subscriber and the MSISDN is not contained in the MSRN information element.

MNP Indicator


Indicates the number portability status of the subscriber.