C.6 Security measurement behaviour definitions

12.033GPPSecurity ManagementTS

C.6.1 general security measurement function behaviour

generalSecurityMeasurementFunctionBehaviour BEHAVIOUR


"This object is defined to contain the various optional security measurement packages, and one or more instances of this class may exist in the scope of the containing object. A scanner may scan the attributes of the object class in various combinations and permutations of packages, and further may scan simultaneously as many times as necessary within the processing limits of the network." ;

C.6.2 general security measurement package behaviour

generalSecurityMeasurementPackageBehaviour BEHAVIOUR


"This package provides a grouping of related measurement attributes. If it is required to have multiple appearances of these attributes, multiple object instances must be created. The simple scanner has been designed to read the values of the attributes according to a given schedule." ;

C.6.3 general security measurement attribute behaviour

generalSecurityMeasurementAttributeBehaviour BEHAVIOUR


"The security measurement that corresponds to this attribute, is described in Annex B. The name of this attribute is given in the description part (D) of each security measurement definition contained in Annex B." ;