C2 Document Structure

06.773GPPMinimum Performance Requirements for Noise Suppresser Application to the AMR Speech EncoderTS

The main body of the document starts at section 4, and is arranged as follows:

Section 4:

References, Conventions, and Contacts

References to specification documents, lists of abbreviations, and contact names for the different areas of the document

Section 5:

Roles and Responsibilities

Identification of roles and allocation of Responsibilities.

Section 6:

Information Relevant to all Experiments

Information relevant to all experiments.

Sections 7-10:

Test Plans

Individual test plans. Information already covered in section 6 is not repeated in the individual plans. Note that the processing tables for the experiments are collated in Annex B, and the randomizations (where required) in Annex C

Annex A:

Instructions to Subjects and Data Collection

For the Modified CCR, Pair Comparison, Modified ACR.

Annex B:

Processing Tables

Processing Tables for all experiments. These map which speech samples are to be processed through which conditions.

Annex C:

Presentation Orders

Randomized presentation orders for experiments.