D.2 Object Model

12.043GPPPerformance data measurementsTS

D.2.1 Managed Object Classes

D.2.1.1 "Recommendation X.721: 1992": log

Object instances of this class are used to store incoming event reports. An instance of this class can be created to store specifically scan report notifications (in form of "scanReportRecords" managed objects). This is achieved by using the discriminator construct and filtering on the event type information.

D.2.1.2 "Recommendation X.738: 1993": scanReportRecord

objects of this class are used to represent logged information that resulted from Attribute Value Change Notifications and are contained in a ‘log’ instance.

D.2.2 Name Bindings

D.2.2.1 log-managedElement

log-managedElement NAME BINDING

SUBORDINATE OBJECT CLASS "Recommendation X.721: 1992": log;

NAMED BY superior object class "Recommendation M.3100: 1992": managedElement;

WITH ATTRIBUTE "Recommendation X.721: 1992": logId;



REGISTERED AS { gsm1204NameBinding 221 };

D.2.2.2 scanReportRecord-log

scanReportRecord-log NAME BINDING

SUBORDINATE OBJECT CLASS "Recommendation X.738: 1993": scanReportRecord;

NAMED BY superior object class "Recommendation X.721: 1992": log;

WITH ATTRIBUTE "Recommendation X.721: 1992": logRecordId;


REGISTERED AS { gsm1204NameBinding 222 };

Annex E (informative):
Non Standardised Measurements of Interest to PLMN Management

Following is the template used to describe the measurements contained in this annex.

A. Description

A short explanation of the measurement operation.

B. Collection Method

The form in which this measurement data is obtained:

CC (Cumulative Counter).

GAUGE (dynamic variable), used when data being measured can vary up or down during the period of measurement.

DER (Discrete Event Registration), when data related to a particular event are captured every nth event is registered, where n can be 1 or larger.

SI (Status Inspection).

Inception of annex E

The annex E has been created to contain all the measurements that are NOT candidates for standardisation, (indication that they have been considered).

At the end of the annex there are also references to the Fixed Network measurements, which have been included for completeness.

NOTE: The measurements in this annex are for information only and as a consequence are NOT included in the Object Model (annex C).