01.013GPPTechnical Specifications and Technical Reports for a GERAN-based 3GPP systemTS

This ETSI Technical Specification (TS) has been produced by the Special Mobile Group (SMG) of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

This TS identifies the GSM system specifications for GSM Release 1999.

The contents of this TS are subject to continuing work within SMG and may change following formal SMG approval. Should SMG modify the contents of this TS it will then be republished by ETSI with an identifying change of release date and an increase in version number as follows:

Version 8.x.y


8 indicates release 1999 of GSM Phase 2+;

x the second digit is incremented for all changes of substance, i.e. technical enhancements, corrections, updates, etc.

y the third digit is incremented when editorial only changes have been incorporated in the specification.

Ed Note: This draft Specification has been produced following the SMG#29, ETSI Board#20 and PCG approval of SMG#29 TD P-99-546.

TD P-99-546 states "The provisional list given in annex A should be further elaborated and reviewed by SMG STCs and TSG WGs". This is an ongoing process, which it is hoped will be completed by SMG#30. It is anticipated that this Specification will then be presented to SMG#30 as V1.0.0 (to meet the approval time scale of V8.0.0 at SMG#31).

The content of Clause 5 should be considered unstable and is included only for completeness at this time. The R99 "Roadmap" style content requires further work ( SMG 12 in conjunction with MCC?).

The equivalent 3G Specification (21.101) is being developed in a similar manner within 3GPP and aligned with this document.