03.933GPPStage 2Technical realization of Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber (CCBS)TS

This Technical Specification (TS) has been produced by the Special Mobile Group (SMG).

This specification gives the stage 2 description of the Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber (CCBS) supplementary service within the digital cellular telecommunications system.

The contents of this specification are subject to continuing work within SMG and may change following formal SMG approval. Should SMG modify the contents of this specification it will then be re-issued with an identifying change of release date and an increase in version number as follows:

Version 7.x.y


7 GSM Phase 2+ Release 1998

x the second digit is incremented for all changes of substance, i.e. technical enhancements, corrections, updates, etc.;

y the third digit is incremented when editorial only changes have been incorporated in the specification.