10.703GPPGSM Adaptive Multi-Rate Speech Codec (AMR)Project schedule and open issues for AMRTS

This Project Team Special Mobile Group (PT SMG) Permanent Document has been produced by SMG11 for the SMG Technical Committee of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

This PT-PD provides the project schedule for the standardization of the GSM Adaptive Multi-Rate Speech Codec (AMR). The document identifies the key milestones and pending issues of the project. It also lists the necessary amendments to the GSM/DCS phase 2+ specifications for the technical realization of the work item.

This PT-PD is an informative document resulting from ETSI TC-SMG studies, which are not appropriate for European Telecommunication Standard (ETS), Interim European Telecommunication Standard (I‑ETS) or ETSI Technical Report (ETR) status.