I.1 Introduction

05.053GPPRadio transmission and receptionTS

To measure Enhanced Observed Timing Difference (E-OTD) location the MS must make accurate Observed-Time-Difference measurements (OTD – the time interval that is observed by a MS between the reception of signals (bursts) from two BTSs). Specifically, the E-OTD MS shall be capable of measuring the reception of bursts transmitted from a BTS on a periodic and predictable basis. The measurement results are used by the system or the E-OTD capable MS for determining location of the MS. This clause defines E-OTD measurement accuracy requirements of an E-OTD capable MS deployed in the GSM System. Requirements for dedicated mode E-OTD measurements are specified below. An E-OTD MS, supporting the MS based E-OTD method, shall be capable of doing idle mode E-OTD measurements with the same accuracy as in dedicated mode, but this needs not to be tested.