21.9163GPPRelease 16Release descriptionTS

The present document provides a summary of each and every 3GPP Release 16 Feature, and more generally of all Work Items for which a summary has been agreed to be provided.

These summaries are based on the inputs issued by the Work Item Rapporteurs, sometimes modified by the Work Plan manager to ensure overall consistency of this document. The original inputs can be retrieved as temporary document (tdoc). The original tdoc number is provided just below the table of each clause.

The present document presents the "initial state" of the Features introduced in Release 16, i.e. as they are by the time of publication of this document. Each Feature is subject to be later modified or enhanced, over several years, by the means of Change Requests (CRs). To further outline a feature at a given time, it is recommended to retrieve all the CRs which relate to the given Feature, as explained in Annex C. As a first approach, the list of all the Change Requests related to a Work Item can be retrieved by selecting "TSG Status = Approved" in the Work Item’s page of the 3GPP Portal at: [6-digit identifier of the Work Item, separated by a coma if several Work Items]

E.g. for “NR support for high speed train scenario”: the table at the beginning of its section indicates that the corresponding Work Items have the numbers 840192 and 840292. So, all the CRs related to this Feature are retrieved by selecting "TSG Status = Approved" in,840292