22.1683GPPEarthquake and Tsunami Warning System (ETWS) requirementsStage 1TS

Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System (ETWS) introduces a means to deliver Warning Notification simultaneously to many mobile users who should evacuate from approaching Earthquake or Tsunami. Mobile user who received Warning Notification is able to know a threat is approaching or already happened nearby. Then the user is able to determine where and when to evacuate according to delivered Warning Notification. Mobile phone is a kind of the closest media for people. This system helps people to prevent from disaster situation or mitigate damage.

The characteristic of this service is the need of quick and optimised information delivery. Currently, it is not possible to know beforehand the fact that an Earthquake is imminent.

The Japanese government intends to create Earthquake early detection systems, which is called Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) System, during 2007 and expects that mobile operators study the feasibility of realizing a system for delivering Earthquake Early Warning information to mobile phone users.