29.199-123GPPOpen Service Access (OSA)Parlay X web servicesPart 12: Multimedia conferenceTS

The present document is part 12 of a multi-part deliverable covering the 3rd Generation Partnership Project; Technical Specification Group Core Network and Terminals; Open Service Access (OSA); Parlay X Web Services, as identified below:

Part 1: "Common"

Part 2: "Third party call"

Part 3: "Call Notification"

Part 4: "Short Messaging"

Part 5: "Multimedia Messaging"

Part 6: "Payment"

Part 7: "Account management"

Part 8: "Terminal Status"

Part 9: "Terminal location"

Part 10: "Call handling"

Part 11: "Audio call"

Part 12: "Multimedia conference"

Part 13: "Address list management"

Part 14: "Presence"

Part 15: "Message Broadcast"

Part 16: "Geocoding"

Part 17: "Application driven Quality of Service (QoS)"

Part 18: "Device Capabilities and Configuration"

Part 19: "Multimedia streaming control"

Part 20: "Multimedia multicast session management"

Part 21: "Content management"

Part 22: "Policy"