22.1253GPPTSUnmanned Aerial System (UAS) support in 3GPP

Interest in using cellular connectivity to support Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) is strong, and the 3GPP ecosystem offers excellent benefits for UAS operation. Ubiquitous coverage, high reliability and QoS, robust security, and seamless mobility are critical factors to supporting UAS command and control functions. In parallel, regulators are investigating safety and performance standards and Registration and licensing programs to develop a well-functioning private and civil UAS ecosystem which can safely coexist with commercial air traffic, public and private infrastructure, and the general population.

The 3GPP system can provide control plane and user plane communication services for UAS. Examples of services which can be offered to the UAS ecosystem includes data services for command and control (C2), telematics, UAS-generated data, remote identification, and authorisation, enforcement, and regulation of UAS operation.