1991 MS-DOS laptop – how can I read the data from this disk

hard drive

I would like to know what kind of connector does this hard drive have? It was used in a MS-DOS laptop from 1991 and it probably had a 40MB disk capacity. The connector is in the bottom right and includes power as well.

  • Drive: Conner Peripherals CP-4044 (link1, link2)
  • Connector: 2 x 22 pins, 27mm wide
  • Drive dimensions: 10,0 x 13,0 cm

The purpose is to read the data on the disk and to wipe the disk afterwards. So besides knowing this, what do I need to connect it to another working computer?

1991 40MB hard disk

Conner Peripherals CP-4044


Best Answer

  • It’s some form of (parallel) IDE. It looks like a 44 pin variant, which was used mainly for 2.5” (laptop) drives. This type of connector combines power and data.

    More common variants for 3.5” (and larger) drives have separate power (4-pin) and data (40-pin) and have a larger form factor.

    If you manage to find the drive make and model I can be more specific.

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