2100: Detection error on HDD0 black screen error lenovo thinkpad carbon x1

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I am having an issue with this lenovo thinkpad carbon x1, It's about 3 months old. With normal use, It all of the sudden goes into a black screen saying 2100: Detection error on HDD0 (Main HDD) Press Esc to continue. The first time that it kept doing this, I just replaced the SSD it had with a new one since for some reason I wasnt able to boot it up. After I replaced it with a new one, It worked for some time, then all of the sudden i get the exact same screen again. Does anybody know what this error could be? when i press Esc, It takes me to another screen where it shows the hard drives and the only one that appears is my external HDD. I did a memory test and it passed so i doubt it could be RAM related. please help

Best Answer

On the ThinkPad twist the ls-8672p the connector between the HDD and motherboard I have found to be a cause for concern after having 3 weeks of trouble with a customer who was receiving the HDD error on boot. I replaced the HDD with SSD and problem went away, only to return again a day later.

Upon removal of the integrated caching drive with no joy, I took a look at the connector between the HDD and mobo and realized it was corroded on most the contacts (dull appearance). I used contact cleaner on both connections.

GO INTO BIOS FIRST AND DISABLE BATTERY BEFORE DISASSEMBLING, and unplug the battery once inside. The connector looks like an L shape and has 1 screw securing it to the chassis.

Once I cleaned it problem was solved, turns out the motherboard isn't the issue, it's all to do with a bad connection. To test my theory you could put some pressure on the angled plastic below the right control key while booting and most times the unit will boot, then lock up when you release pressure, it just needs a good cleaning on those contacts.

An example of the ls-8672p connector so you know what you're looking for:

enter image description here