4k laptop monitor compatibility with LCD control boards


Context: I am working on a project to turn a laptop in to a monitor-keyboard combination for a desktop computer so I can use it on a couch without any other furniture.

I have never tried anything like this before, so I am certainly inexperienced in this matter. To do this, I am putting in a USB keyboard and a monitor controller for the monitor in to an old empty laptop chassis.

But I am having a problem finding a monitor controller I am sure will work for a 4k monitor. According to resources I've read online, I need to look at the monitor and find a monitor model number and look up a compatible monitor controller that I know work for certain.

Most of the 4k laptop monitors I have seen have a 40 pin connector and according to a laptop screen seller I intend to buy from, the 40 pin format is standard and uses the same 40-pin eDP QHD+ interface (I could be wrong about this). Before I spend money on the actual hardware, I would like to be a bit more certain.

Question: If I get a 40 pin no-touch 4k LCD laptop screen and a 40 pin 4k LCD controller, will they be compatible? Meaning, is this interface standard, or is it just the connector standard and different screens use different hardware protocols or something?

Also, if the size of the screen matters for monitor controllers on 4k screens, I would like to know. (I want to use a 17.3" screen.)

Also, if I am approaching the monitor conversion incorrectly, I would also like to know.

Best Answer

  • From my experience with buying LCD controllers, there is no standard. You will need to check with the controller's manufacturer/seller and ask if the make and model of your LCD is compatible with it.

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