Windows – A tool for collecting system information?


I am looking for a tool that can produce a report (xml/xslt, html, pdf, etc..) of the system and all of its hardware components such as processor, speed, memory, disks, network, etc..

Any idea if such a tool exists? The more information it gives the better.

Best Answer

The following command is built-in to Windows:


It doesn't give much, but it does address your request for processor, memory, and network.

Disks can be easily queried for all sorts of info from the following built-in Windows command:


You'll want to try fsutil that with a /? switch to see some of the options available. More specific drive information is available within diskpart, also a built-in command.

For "speed", I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Perhaps you're looking for a benchmark utility? If so, try SiSoft Sandra. The free version is available here (Go to download & buy at the top).