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I'm working on windows 7 x64 and searching for a way for a setting, or replacement app of, the tray clock (on the taskbar corner) to display both UTC (or GMT) and my local time.

Cause: I read log output of several programs realtime, many of them logging in UTC, while meetings (and other people synchronization stuff) is in localtime. Thus I would like to be able to see both local and UTC time in parallel on the system clock. I'm task-switching between many programs, so I'd like it to be always visible.

If I must use a replacement, I would like it to integrate into the taskbar/tray somehow, due not wanting it to cover any screen place that it not occupy fully.

Best Answer

One third party app that will allow you to do have both times always shown in the tray is StoicJoker's T-Clock2010:

Edited on 2015-01-27: Thanks to JourneymanGeek for pointing out that StoicJoker's site is down. Most recent "incarnation" seems to be this (i did not test this personally, just searched around for 5 minutes): (or to get latest version simply: (Find "T-Clock Help.rtf" within the release to get details on how to use time/date functions.)