Add text to PowerPoint slide during a presentation


I'd like to add text to selected slides during my presentation. The text is based on audience feedback and is "throw-away", intended just to help with discussion and learning at the moment. The text does not need to integrate with the rest of the slide in any particular way.

I'd like a solution that works for PowerPoint 2010 or later on Windows.

Best Answer

  1. One time PowerPoint setup: Right click the Ribbon and click Customize the Ribbon. In the right hand column, put a check box next to Developer.

  2. For each slide where you will be adding content:

    • In the Ribbon, click the Developer tab. Click the Text Box control; then drag a rectangle for the text box on the slide.

    • Right click the text box, and click Property Sheet. Set EnterKeyBehavior to True and MultiLine to True. If desired, click Font and then the “” on the right to change the font and size.