Windows – Aero Glass/Transparent window borders in Windows 8

aerotransparencywindowswindows 8

While I'm really liking Windows 8, I do miss having the semi-transparent borders round my windows, like with Aero Glass in Windows 7.

I note that the taskbar in Windows 8 is semi-transparent…

enter image description here

Is there a way to change windows border opacity, to restore Aero Glass or even just so that it looks like the taskbar?

enter image description here

Thanks for any help.

Best Answer

Aero Glass can be enabled with a DLL available for free here:

Reimplemented Windows Blur effect

This DLL is loaded via AppInit into the DWM.exe and Explorer.exe and and hooks the functions SetWindowCompositionAttribute and DwmEnableBlurBehindWindow and implements them again to enable the Glass effect again in Windows 8.

Now you can work with Windows 8 without getting headache because of the ugly Theme :)

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