All client outbound SSH is being blocked … are there any workarounds


I want to ssh out of a machine running a client to connect to an SSH remote server. The reason I need this is to port forward/tunnel and get an open connection to an application on the client.

The problem is that it seems that all outbound SSH is being blocked by the proxy / firewall. I do not have admin access to client machine. I have control over the remote server machine. Are there any solutions I can try?


  1. I get no replies when I try to ping from client to external addresses
  2. I wonder how I manage to connect to client machine via teamviewer but not via ssh. How does TeamViewer get through? Can maybe the same port be used for ssh?

Best Answer

  • Can you run you ssh server on ports 80 or 443 instead? These are commonly allowed through a firewall/proxy.

    Or as you suggest, run it on the teamserver port.

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