All Intel 1155 socket motherboards only support up to 32GB, why


I want to buy an Intel CPU (with quad-core) and a motherboard that supports more than 32GB. I was looking for a motherboard that has a 1155 socket and 64GB maximum memory support. However, from what I found, the max memory I can find is 32GB.

Is this a technical limitation for 32GB of RAM, or have I just not been looking in the right places for a motherboard?

Best Answer

I have looked at various motherboards - all seem to say a maximum of 32GB of memory, the chipsets (which state the same) and the processors...

All of the 1155 pin processors I can find only seem to support a maximum of 32GB of memory at the CPU level, so, I don't think this is possible.

Even entry level servers (Xeon 3xxx) that are based on the 1155 CPU package state a maximum of 32GB of memory.

It isn't until you get to the Xeon 5xxx series that you see bigger memory allowances, so, I believe this limitation is on the actual 1155 package processor itself.

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