Alt-tab back to the host while using TeamViewer


I've got a TeamViewer session open. I can alt-tab to it, but then all hotkeys are captured by the TeamViewer session. This is great, but I'd like to be able to 'escape' back to the host without using the mouse, perhaps using some special meta shortcut. This question offers a solution using Windows RDP, but I the same key combinations don't seem to work in TeamViewer. Is there any solution for this?

Best Answer

Since its 2020 and still no HostKey solution on TeamViewer - below little Autohotkey snippet worked:

  1. Install Autohotkey..
  2. Edit AutoHotkey file (under My Docs) on windows
  3. Add snippet below
  4. When Pressing ALT+' (to the left of the number 1), it will minimize the active window.

Tested with TeamViewer 15.1

; -------- ALT + ` 
; ----------- Minimize Active Window
    WinMinimize, A