Why are random characters inserted into the tmux session


Sometimes when I use the mouse, or press and hold a movement key in tmux, random characters are inserted. For example, when I press the left movement key, "D" is often inserted. A left mouse click often results in "[M#§T" – Does anyone know why this is?

I'm using tmux-1.6, and I get these errors over an SSH session & using mobaXterm on Windows 7.

Best Answer

I have been running into this problem also (my terminal being terminator), and found the comment about the UTF8 mouse helped. I was actually able to continue using my current terminal program with tmux set mouse-utf8 off.

Which seems to have solved the problem. I've set this in my ~/.tmux.conf accordingly.

The entry in tmux.conf should look like this: set -g mouse-utf8 off, with the -g global switch (use the option for all sessions).