Why are smaller capacity SSDs slower

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I was reading this Tom's Hardware article on testing SSDs and came across the following claim:

With SSDs, performance varies by capacity point. Smaller drives tend to be slower than larger ones, even in the same family.

However, the article doesn't backup this claim or explain why.

It doesn't seem intuitive to me that smaller drives would be slower. I would think it would be the other way around since a larger drive has a wider "area" to access via the same bandwidth.

So is it true that smaller (capacity) SSDs are slower? And if so, why?

Best Answer

Larger SSDs from the same SSD model/family (comparing different models makes no sense) are faster when writing data because they use more Channels in parallel:

enter image description here

while smaller ones only use few channel (4 instead of 8) because they have less NAND modules on it.