Are universal power supplies for laptops worth it

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My laptop's cable broke and sadly it seems like I need to buy a new power supply.

What I wonder is, I've found that universal power supplies are much cheaper than the official HP ones. Are they really worth it?

Another question: the original supply has these specs: 65W, 18.5V, 3.5A.
However the universal supplies are more powerful (90W, 100W) and come in integer voltages (17V, 18V, 19V, etc). Are they compatible? Should I set them to 18V or 19V?

Best Answer

The usual take on this is: They may work but if anything goes wrong, then don't expect your warranty on the device to hold. At least that's what the manufacturer will tell you.

The power just specifies how much the power supply is able to supply but it won't affect how much your laptop is going to use to charge the battery.

As for the voltage, using 18 or 19 V should work without damaging anything, but be sure to try with 18 first :-)