Automatic backup of files after change is made


I want to backup few folders on a regular basis on Windows XP. The best would be automatic backup after any change to the files is made.

  • I like sugarsync but I cannot sync files from program files directory
  • I like dropbox but I can backup only one specific (not customizable) folder

any suggestions? I am happy to have some fee utility (even for commercial use) that would copy the files from one directory to dropbox directory….

  • The destination folder could be (preferably) on the same computer.
  • File changes are now and then (the files are mainly source code).
  • The file size is very small. All together at this time is less than 10MB

Best Answer

For source code tracking, I would recommend something like Git (tortoisegit), Mercurial, tortoiseSVN, rdiff-backup or even zipping things (pick your favorite version WinZip, 7-Zip..).

Robocopy can monitor a directory for change (/MON:n /MOT:m) and make a copy somewhere, but there is no history. Use the /MIR switch to make the destination a duplicate.

The touch part of this is the automatic and on change.

There is a pay program called History Explorer ($20) that will save per change and once setup you don't really need to think about it. I have it and it seems to work as advertised.

I've heard DocShield is similar to History Explorer, checks at intervals, and some have complained of it be buggy. I heard it was free for personal use, but the Docshield website is no longer active and on some site it is listed as freeware. Not sure if I would trust it if they aren't in business any more.

rdiff-backup I've ran in to a problem trying to backup too much data in one shot (a few GB). On small project files I've had no problems.

I hope one of these will help you.