Automatically saving files on edit with kate or any text editor


When I try to edit a file in a remote directory (through SSH, SFTP or FTP) I must close the file to get a dialog box tell me if I want to upload the file. I want to upload it automatically on save!

I've already used Konqueror/Dolphin/Krusader as file managers and many other text editors but without any success. It seems that the problem is in the KIOExec application.

How can I edit KIOExec to automatic upload files on save? I don't want to return to using Gnome!

Best Answer

Although this is a somewhat old question it still is unanswered. I also wanted to:

  • open Dolphin/Konqueror with sftp://user@remotesite/
  • choose to open a file to edit
  • have upload on save working

As described by the original poster, the upload only happens after closing the editor.

The only way to have something similar to this working is using kate and opening the file from kate. Stating the sftp://user@remotesite/filetoedit on open.

Here the upload on save works.

After the open with menu on dolphin updated to have kate, the open with kate also had the upload on save. Before, when manually stating kate in open with other it did not work.

P.S. I'm using kubuntu 11.10 with packages updated today.