Windows – Batch convert TIFF images to PDF


Are there any free utilities that will batch convert TIFF files to PDF? I've tried PDF printers like PrimoPDF & CutePDF, but these seem to require a GUI click to confirm each filename.

What I'm after is a script, command line or context menu utility that would allow the conversion of hundreds of files using the same filename (save extension, natch) as the original file and placing the output in the same folder.

Edit: I should've stated Windows only!

Best Answer

You can try ImageMagick. I'm trying this on Linux, but it's available for Windows as well. I just have to type: convert example.tiff example.pdf and I get a PDF. With just a little batch magic, you should be able to easily convert a directory of tiff files to pdf.

Or, if you need all tiffs in the same PDF, you can do convert example1.tiff example2.tiff example.pdf.