Better ways to setup a webserver behind ISP’s NAT


Our entire road is behind an ISP NAT that I can't access. Our ISP wont forward a port either. My workaround, I setup an ipv4 to ipv6 tunnel using freenet6. I get a domain like, that seems to have solved my problem as everyone can just normally enter it in their browser and connect to my server. The problem is freenet6 is not very stable, the tunnel is disconnecting all the time, sometimes lasting for hours.

I need a better and stable solution, so if you know any other ipv6 tunnel company that provides the same free of charge that would be great.

I can't change ISP (all of them uses NAT here)

I don't want to pay for hosting as it defeats the purpose of me running my own server where I can literally do ANYTHING I want. (getting a dedicated server is too expensive, my ISP has enough speed to host a server, same upload and download speed, it's just being behind a NAT that you can't control is making me nuts.)

Best Answer

  • If its for personal use, you could probably use the pagekite and simply run IPV4 over that - its a service that does some kind of tunneling and relaying.

    That said I run freenet fairly reliably, with their linux client, and a nice little upstart script that works well for me.

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