Windows – Bitlocker-To-Go on fixed drive



Two drives are connected to a computer. One via a SATA-to-USB interface, the other directly via a SATA-to-eSATA cable.

The drive on USB appears as a removable drive, the drive on eSATA appears as a fixed drive. Both use NTFS.

The USB drive offers Bitlocker-To-Go, the eSATA drive only offers BitLocker.


It is my understanding that drives encrypted with BitLocker-To-Go include an app to allow Windows XP read-only access to the volume. Is this the only difference, and is there a way to use Bitlocker-To-Go on the eSATA drive?


Another difference is found here:

The recovery key is required when a BitLocker-protected fixed data drive configured for automatic unlocking is moved to another computer.[1]

Assuming that does not apply to removable drives.

Best Answer

  • 1) No, it is not the only difference. Fixed Bitlocker drives also have the option to automatically unlock if the OS drive is also encrypted. Removable drives must always be unlocked by using a password or smartcard.

    2) I suspect if you apply this hotfix, windows will recognise the drive as a removable drive, and allow you to use Bitlocker to go. I don't think Windows will allow you to install Bitlocker to go on a drive it recognises as fixed.

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