Windows – Bluetooth Headset pairs and appears in Sound Devices, but shows as Disconnected

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Edit: A random crash and a restart fixed this. Probably a restart would have sufficed.

I recently got a TrueBlue TB-100T3 and tried pairing it with my computer (Windows 7 64-bit). At first it paired, but it would not appear under Sound Devices.

I updated my Broadcom Bluetooth drivers here:

Now my headset appears in both Playback and Recording, but shows as Disconnected. The device is on, paired, and appears under "Device Manager" as having no problems. I right-clicked and installed both the Hands-free Telephony and Headset services.

Here is an image:

Right-clicking the device and selecting Connect does nothing. Does anyone have a solution?

The OP has reported that this problem was resolved by a reboot
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Best Answer

I had exactly the same issue with my Creative WP250 on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Right-clicking and selecting "Connect" was totally useless.


  1. Go to "Devices and Printers".
  2. Right-click the device icon, and select "Control". A dialogue "Bluetooth Device Control" appears.
  3. Click "Disconnect", then "Connect".

It worked for me.