Booting Multiple Operating Systems


I like to experiment with operating systems a lot, and I was wondering if there exists kind of a unified solution for managing the boot sector (or whatever it's called) so I can boot into different OS's and remove them whenever I want without having to worry about updating boot.ini, GRUB, LILO, etc.

Maybe a program I can put on a CD and it will somehow detect what OS's I have currently installed and let me boot into them. Sorry that the question is poorly worded, but I don't know exactly what I want, at least please point me in the right direction, thank you.

Best Answer

I do not know of an automated way of doing it, but NeoSmart EasyBCD is close to what you want.

alt text

However, if you want to mess around with different operating systems, it is possible to break working ones if you are not careful - and even if you are, I wouldn't really recommend it.

Take a look at virtualisation - it will allow you to run an operating system within another one. Personally, my favourite is VMWare Workstation, however there are many free solutions such as Virtual PC for Windows 7 (For Windows Vista or before) for Windows or VirtualBox which is cross platform.

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