Brand new external hard drive has 133MB used space

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I just purchased a brand new WD Elements 1.5TB Hard drive.
I have deleted all the files that were on it, even the hidden ones, and done a "Quick Format" through windows explorer.

Yet, when I look at the disk properties, it tells me that there are 133MB of space in use. Now this is not a big deal, as the drive is HUGE, i'm just wondering where those 133MB are being used?

I've run CHKDSK on the drive and it tells me that there is 3093568 KB in 7 files.
Yet, ls -la only shows "$RECYCLE.BIN" and "System Volume Information" which appear to both be 0KB. Is it possible that these two files are taking up the 133MB?

Best Answer

Basic disk overhead - file tables, NTFS information etc.