Excel – Break up a large CSV file

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I have a large CSV file (about 6,000 rows) that I want to break up into smaller CSV files (about 100 rows each). Is there an easy way to do that?

Best Answer

CSV Splitter is a handy tool that allows you to define the number of lines and maximum pieces of output files. It will split the CSV file according to what you have defined.

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1. Fill in necessary information:

  • CSV file: the path to the CSV that you wanted to split.
  • Number of lines: the maximum number of lines/rows in each splitted piece (100 in your case).
  • Max Pieces: limit the number of output files. '0' is unlimited.

2. Click Split Now! and that's it.

You will find the splitted pieces in a new folder of the same directory of the CSV file. By default, a folder {csv file name}_Pieces will be created and all of the output files will be stored under this folder. The output file format will be named as {csv file name}_1.csv, {csv file name}_2.csv, {csv file name}_3.csv and so on.