Windows – Brightness settings gone, how to bring it back

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I have a VAIO CW laptop with Windows 7 x64, and after installing new NVIDIA drivers, my screen brightness controls are no longer available. (Not in the control center, not in the power options, buttons don't work even though VAIO's brightness adjust window pops up, etc.).

My display doesn't dim either.

It works fine on other OSes (e.g. Windows 8).

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling a bunch of drivers (even tried installing the factory-default NVIDIA driver) and software (including the VAIO event service), but it doesn't work.

Any idea how to fix this?

Best Answer

Navigate to Start -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Device Manager.

In the Device Manager window, look for “Monitors”, then right-click your monitor and select “Uninstall”. Be sure to also check the “Remove driver” option. Once removed, click the “Scan for hardware changes” icon. Doing so should bring the brightness settings back.

For both NVIDIA and ATI drivers for Sony Vaio, after performing this solution, you can restore the brightness via the Mobility Center (Windows+X).