Brother MFC-J5910DW shows ‘Paper Jam’ permanently


I have run through the clearing process several times and cannot find even the tiniest scrap but the screen still says there is a jam and it won't change. Do I just throw it at the wall and buy another one?

Best Answer

My model is different, but maybe my remedy can give you and others inspiration.

I had the same kind of problem with a Brother MFC-6710DW, only three years old and not using it daily. After many hours cleaning the outside and inside of the printer, the real solution for me was: cleaning the little plastic rolls (12!) behind/under the bigger and long grey rough metallic roll behind the print head. This is where the paper passes just before it's getting printed.

It's not easy to clean them because the little rolls move backwards when you touch them. I used a rounded kind of screwdriver covered with a damp cloth, trying to avoid to scratch them. You can roll the rolls by rolling the big grey roll.

The little rolls (especially the middle ones) were partly covered with paper fibres. I cleaned them a bit (took a long time), I certainly didn't succeed to remove all the white dirt. Immediately after cleaning the error did not disappear. But after 24 hours (let's call it: dry time): tadaa, no error message!

After letting the machine clean the print head the printer worked as before.

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