Build a laptop from scratch


I've been looking at this as the same approach as building a desktop computer from scratch but I've never really come across the core things.

  • Can I buy a laptop "case"?
  • Can I buy a motherboard/PSU to fit that case?
  • Can I choose a CPU fan?
  • What are my battery options? Obviously taking into consideration the case.

Why isn't this as easy as putting together a desktop computer? Shouldn't there be standards such as ATX? If they exist, what are they?

Best Answer

No, not really.

I have heard of companies like ASUS selling barebones laptops, but they are still mostly complete packages, lacking only the things that are normally upgradeable on consumer laptops, such as memory, wireless cards and drives.

The reason for this would probably be evident if you tried to take apart most laptops. They are very complicated and interweaved machines.