Windows – Bypass a program that runs before desktop


What I mean by that is programs that say "a restart is required to do blah" and then run in a low-level mode before the operating system is loaded the next time you boot. Examples of this are Spybot S&D, Norton Ghost, memtest etc. I'm wondering if there's a way to bypass the automatic boot, because the particular software that I'm using (paragon migrate to SSD) is running continuously each time I reboot, and each time it recopies my entire disk to my SSD so its getting kind of annoying. Plus if I unplug the hard drive after its done copying and boot from the SSD, the clever geniuses at Paragon have made it so the cloned image will still boot into paragon from the SSD, which then proceeds to erase itself. Help?

Best Answer

  • (This is assuming you're using Windows.) If it's a service, it can be disabled in Computer Management (Start>right-click on (My) Computer, hit Manage). Go to "Services", right-click on the service, hit Properties, and change it from "Automatic" to "Manual" or "Disabled". If it doesn't run as a service, autoruns from should do the trickā€”it allows you to disable any startup program. Make sure you Run as Administrator.

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