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Is there a way to bypass my ISP provided CPE/router's DNS settings? I'd like to use OpenDNS but I am unable to access the administrator acount of the CPE. I tried logging in using the default passwords (admin/admin, admin/1234, etc) to no avail.

I found out later that the admin password is generated using a generator where you input the CPE's MAC address. I tried emailing the manufacturer of the CPE (Huawei, the CPE is Huawei BM625) and my ISP but they aren't replying. I also saw similar queries (lots of them!) at Huawei's forums, without a single reply.

So as a last resort, I'd like to know a way to bypass the CPE's DNS settings.

My subscription is for a WiMAX service. I'm using Windows 7 and have already set the DNS settings for the Local Area Connection:

enter image description here

However I still am not seeing the "You are already using OpenDNS" text at OpenDNS's site.

And when explicitly using the OpenDNS servers I still seem to get rather than the expected



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  • If you use the "nslookup" command, you will get a > prompt, where you can specify a DNS server of your choice. Use the "server" command, followed by either a hostname or an IP address of the server of your choice, such as the ones from OpenDNS. I do not think that your ISP will proxy the DNS requests. However, your country border routers may block access to foreign DNS servers, and if not blocking the access to DNS servers, can block access to the actually returned IP address from your chosen DNS.

    In other words, there are different ways that you can be blocked from using other DNS servers from your internet connection, but usually, this is not a problem.

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