Windows – Cable Internet connectivity Problem


I just got Internet cable from Time Warner/ EarthLink. For some reason I tried everything that Time Warner and Earthlink techs told me to do but nothing seems to work. I still can't connect to the Internet. For some reason they think it's the IPv4 address since it begins with 169. I did everything the told me to 8 times, but they both give me the run around tell me it's the other's fault. How can I fix this once and for all?

I have no router.

I use cable to connect to the Internet.

Windows Vista

Cable broadband.

Best Answer

A 169.x.x.x IP address is assigned to a computer by the operating system when it cannot get an IP address from the DHCP server (e.g. the router).

There are many possible causes, e.g. faulty cable or NIC, router DHCP disabled.

We need more input on the matter.

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