Can a power bank work as a laptop battery alternative

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So here's the thing. My laptops battery is almost dead and I'm planning to buy a new one. The problem is that where I live, the power shortage is a very normal issue.

I have a 15 inch basic laptop. I was just thinking, what if buy a 20000 maH power bank which supports my laptops power configuration and comes with the right charging pin for my laptop.

I use my laptop almost like a desktop so portability is not an issue. The real issue is power. So if there is no battery in my laptop and I plug-in that power bank, would it work as a laptop battery alternative.

And what about the back up. If a 20000 mAH power bank is tested to supply 16000 mAh power then the back up should be 12 hours because that is four times the 4400 mAh 6 cell battery provides, right?

Best Answer

It sounds like you are talking about the kind of thing that has USB power ports for charging cell phones and tablets. If that is the case, then no, you can't power a laptop with it. What you want is a UPS.

Also their power rating is usually expressed in terms of a single cell, so 16 Ah at 4 volts = 64 Wh. Laptop batteries normally tell the capacity of an individual cell and how many cells they have, so Your 6 cell 4400 mAh laptop battery holds 105.6 Wh.

A typical UPS has a 7 or 8 Ah 12V battery so it holds 84 Wh. Higher end ones have dual batteries for twice the capacity, and output mains power for your laptop charger to convert to whatever the laptop accepts.