MacOS – Can I disable OS X Lion Autosave and Versions

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In OS X Lion, there is a new feature which provides auto-saving and versioning functionality. I would like to disable this functionality – I just don't want it.

I have a workflow that involves my trigger finger on cmd-S, I use my own VCS when necessary, I save as compulsively and I open applications like TextEdit and Preview as temporary notepads without wanting any changes saved automatically and without a stupid unlock dialog that then records my changes when I only want to see the changes and not record them.

So, is it possible to turn off Versions without rolling back to 10.6?

PS: Just asking how to disable, not for a discussion of the pros and cons of the features.

Best Answer

  • It can be done by running the following Terminal command (for Preview in this example):

    defaults write $(osascript -e 'id of application "Preview"') ApplePersistence -bool no

    Replace Preview in the above command with the name of whatever app you want to perform this on.

    For TextEdit you must additionally run the following command, in order to avoid sandbox errors:

    defaults write AutosavingDelay -int 0

    Also see this answer on Ask Different.

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