Can I filter and sort email ids in notepad++ and other text editors


I have a txt file which has around 20000 email id. I want to know email count from gmail, yahoo, ymail, googlemail, aol, live,custom domain, gmx, and other temporary emails separately. And also i need to filter them and sort them in email domain order. How can i do that using notepad++? If any other program make this much easier than notepad ++ please refer that too.

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I would do this in Excel

Copy the list into Column A of Excel. Excel will let you sort (and remove duplicates if needed).

From there, this macro will do it

Sub DoTheThing()


Dim row As Integer
row = 1

Do While (Range("A" & row).Value <> "")

    Dim emails() As String
    emails = Split(Range("A" & row).Value, "@")
    Dim domain As String

    Dim i As Integer

    'domain = emails(1)         commented out. Use this line if you want to include .com or .net
    domain = Split(emails(1), ".")(0)   'use this line if you want just the provider, such as GMAIL or Yahoo

    Dim resultsRow As Integer
    resultsRow = 1

    Dim resultExists As Boolean
    resultExists = False

    Do While (Range("C" & resultsRow).Value <> "")

        If (Range("C" & resultsRow).Value = domain) Then
            Range("D" & resultsRow).Value = Range("D" & resultsRow).Value + 1  ' add 1
            resultExists = True
        End If

    resultsRow = resultsRow + 1

    If (resultExists = False) Then
        Range("C" & resultsRow).Value = domain
        Range("D" & resultsRow).Value = 1
    End If

row = row + 1


End Sub

Code above assumes your original list is all lower case

Screen shots of before and after, showing the provider occurrences


enter image description here


enter image description here

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