Windows – Can I install windows using a virtual disk drive


I have a downloaded disk image for the windows server operating system that I want to put on a new harddrive.

I don't currently have a dvd or usb stick available so i'm trying to do without.

Will it be possible to while booted up in windows mount the disk image in daemon tools and run the setup to format and install windows on the new harddrive?

To be clear I'll restate.
I'm saying that I have a complete working computer I'm booting up with.
The new hard drive will be installed WITH the old one at the same time.

Using the disk image in a virtual drive, I'll be attempting to install windows on the other hard rive. Will it work?

Be clear I'm not asking if I can use a virtual disk on the new harddrive to install, I'm not that stupid.

Best Answer

  • You can create a virtual drive from ISO image using GRUB and memdisk, but it doesn't always work. Still worth giving it a try anyway.

    First install NeoGrub (using EasyBCD, how-to here, skip the Configure button), then put your ISO image in the root of some partition. Drop memdisk onto that partition too (download it here, you want just the file memdisk from folder memdisk).

    Reboot your computer, choose NeoGrub from the boot menu and type those commands in the GRUB command line:

    find --set-root /memdisk
    kernel /memdisk iso
    initrd /YourIsoFileName.iso

    Wait until the image is loaded into RAM (you need at least as much RAM as the ISO size + 1 GB) and type boot.

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