Windows – Can I login into domain under regular Windows 8 (not Pro)?

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I going buy a laptop. And a lot of laptops have Windows 8. It's hard to find desirable laptop with Windows 8 Pro version. What I need to do is login to the domain when I get access to our company server.

Can I login to a domain with Windows 8, or will I need Windows 8 Pro?

I don't mean joining the Windows domain, just accessing the shared folders/printers.

Best Answer

There are differences between the non-Pro and Pro versions of Windows 8/8.1 in respect to domain connectivity.

As has been said, you can connect any version of Windows to a domain to access, say, a shared folder (not "domain join"). The access control here is user credentials. If you have the right access and the right credentials you can access the data. The difference between Pro and non-Pro with file access is that a domain-joined computer (Pro/Enterprise/Ultimate only) (when someone is logged in) is that the user logging in is already presenting authorised credentials to access a shared folder. They won't be asked to enter a username and password. A non-domain-joined computer (where a domain user can't log in to the computer itself) can't provide valid credentials to the shared folder so you receive a popup asking to connect to the folder. You'll get this every restart of the computer or new share you connect to.

Additional things that domain-joined computers benefit from are things like Group Policy.

Higher versions of Windows also have encryption technology BitLocker built-in.