Windows – manually add a thumbnail web page to the Chrome homepage


Is there a way to manually add a web page to the 8 thumbnails that appear when you open Chrome?

I want to add Google Maps for easy access. The Google front page already shows up so I presume the Google Maps page never will as it's a subset of Google (i.e. I get to it via the main Google front page). I know I can add a shortcut to the toolbar but would rather add it as a thumbnail.

And while I'm here, is it possible to increase the number of thumbnails that appear?

I'm running the release/stable version of Chrome in Windows XP.

Best Answer

Yes, there is a way. Go to

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

You will find a file called "Preferences." Open the file with a text editor. You will see the list of 8 tabs at the bottom. Just modify the locations, i.e. the site that you want to appear.