Can I open .zip files created with 7-zip without 7-zip


I use 7-zip to create several archives with fixed size (512 Mb) from one big file.
And they have strcuture:

My problem is that without 7-zip I can't open them, is it possible by just using Windows 7 default tools?

Best Answer

  • On Windows 7:

    1. Open the folder your split zip file is in
    2. Shift + Right-click
    3. "Open command prompt here"
    4. Type copy* /b /v /y and press Enter
    5. Open your zip normally

    This is beacuse 7-Zip doesn't split zip files according to the ZIP specification, but simply splits the binary file into smaller files, just like the GNU/Linux command split. xcopy stuff.* stuff will convert all the stuff.001, stuff.002... back into the original file.