Can I send a WAN and LAN connection over the same cable


My home is ethernet wired, with all cables terminating in a patch panel in a box in the master bedroom walk-in closet. I was wondering if I could send the WAN connection into one of the rooms and then have the LAN connection come back through the same wire.

Here is a drawing of what I want to do:
Network Diagram

Will this set up work?

This is the set up I currently have:
Current Networ

This obviously works, but the issue is that the router is in a metal box in the wall of a room in the corner of the top floor of a three story house. The signal in the basement is, well, less than optimal. I could add another wireless AP, but I'm trying to solve this with the equipment I already have.

Best Answer

  • If both of your switches are smartswitches, which means they support vlan's, you can configure the switchports as follows:

    1st switch

    port 1          access vlan 10
    port 2 thru 7   access vlan 20
    port 8          trunk vlan 10,20

    2nd switch

    port 1          trunk vlan 10,20
    port 2 thru 4   access vlan 20
    port 5          access vlan 10

    Here's your edited diagram:

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