Can I share the cable internet connection through the ADSL wireless router

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Over the xmas period I am at my in-laws. They have Virgin Broadband (cable) and have a basic modem / router that is plugged directly into their computer using an ethernet cable.

My wife and I arrived with 5 PCs! (ok, one is a gift and won't be used) 4 of which are laptops so I would like to be able to use their internet connection.

At the moment I am working so have plugged the ethernet cable into my work laptop. Rebooting the router meant that my work laptop now has internet.

I have my ADSL Netgear router which is wireless. I tried plugging it in between the router and the PC but I didn't seem to be able to share the internet connection wirelessly. The original PC still had internet despite ony being connected to my router but my wireless laptop didn't have a connection.

My old cable router had an internet ethernet port on the back that the modem plugged into. My ADSL router doesn't, it has a phone connection socket.

Is there a way of doing what I want with the equipment I have?


Best Answer

No, you cannot substitute a Cable modem for an ADSL modem or visa versa (a Cable router is just a router with a built in cable modem, as is the same respectively for an ADSL router). They are two completely different technologies (a Cable modem syncs with CMTS and an ADSL modem syncs with a DSLAM).

You also cannot use the WAN port on a modem/router combination as if it were a standard router as it is looking for a different type of signal (that from a CMTS or DSLAM depending on the type of modem, it is not an Ethernet protocol).

You will need to purchase an ordinary router to place in between the PC and the ISP provided device. You will also need to make sure that they are in different subnets (ie, the cable modem/router will be using DHCP/NAT with as the gateway, your router will accept a lease on the WAN and hand out DHCP/NAT on the LAN with as the gateway).