Can I still make the Microsoft Office 2010 Starter work again after an Office trial I installed has expired


I have Microsoft Office 2010 Starter on my Windows 7 laptop when I bought it. At some point, I installed a trial version of Microsoft Publisher 2010. Now, neither Word Starter nor Excel Starter would even startup.

I've read in here (yeah, Yahoo! Answers, I know..) that, since the trial period expired, it also affected my Starter installation.

Is there any hope of salvaging my Office Starter?

I don't want to buy MS Office, even if it's just the Student edition. I would also prefer not to install OpenOffice (yet another office suite?!), since I already have Lotus Symphony installed (it's what we use at work, but I'm not satisfied at how it handles files created from MS Office, because the formatting changes, more often than not).

Best Answer

Do you have a pre-publisher trial backup ?,
Is your machine an OEM with a recovery partiton or recovery disks ?, these will return you to factory settings and all the software that came with it.
You can then reactivate 'office starter', update all software reinstall programs and copy your documents, etc back onto your computer.
Sorry I could not think of or find an easier way.